NNS ADix 3.4.2014

NNS ADix 3.4.2014



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NNS ADix v3 a tool for Active Directory® bulk import/export. Use NNS ADix to perform Active Directory bulk changes. Exchange data between Active Directory and other systems like databases, directories services or HR-applications on a recurring basis. NNS ADix v3 contains the following key features: * Import Active Directory® objects: Import Active Directory® objects like users, groups, ... from a text-based file. Create new objects or change properties of existing objects. * Export Active Directory® objects: Export Active Directory® objects like users, groups, ... into a text-based file. * Wizard-driven import/export of Active Directory® objects: The Import/Export Wizard helps you to import/export AD objects within an entire Active Directory forest from/into text based files. * Query Filters: Query Filters are used for export operations. Specify LDAP queries, preview the result of a query and save this queries for later use. * Extended Object and Attribute Data: Get extended data for an Active Directory object when viewing the properties of the object. The extended data provides information like attributes and attribute values of an object, whether an attribute is... ...part of the GC, ...is multi-valued, ...is a system attribute, ...and further more. * Active Directory® Browser: Display and select branches of your complete AD forest. Display attributes and attribute values of an object using the AD Browser. * Job Definitions: Save the settings you have made using Export-/Import Job Definitions. Start these jobs at any time you need it. If you want to run export/import jobs on a recurring basis, simply schedule these jobs. * Tombstone Reanimation: Reanimate Active Directory® tombstones (deleted objects) in seconds. * Improved NNS ADix GUI: The NNS ADix v3 GUI helps you to better organize Query Filters, Job Definitions and so on.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: Active Directory import   Active Directory exporter   Active Directory transfer   active directory   Exporter   importer  

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